Aseret Youth & Teens

It all starts with education. So far, tens of thousands of Israeli students have participated in our Ten Commandments programs in high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools; and each year thousands more students, educational staff and parents join them and meet with the Ten Commandments through experiential workshops and unique activities to make the Ten Commandments a central part of their identity.

The Aseret Race

As part of our activities for high school students, in partnership with the El Ami Association, we offer the “Aseret Race”. The race is a competitive activity similar to a scavenger hunt; the students move between different stations and engage in various puzzles and challenges, such as Outdoor Training and similar group-bonding activities.

Aseret in middle schools

Thousands of middle school students so far have had the opportunity to participate in workshops in collaboration with the El Ami Association. The students take part in values-based discussions ​​and are encouraged to develop their personal values in a deep, meaningful and empowering way. Today the Aseret movement operates in about 25 schools across the country.

Aseret in elementary schools

In elementary schools, the Aseret movement works together with teachers and facilitators from the “Ometz Educational Activities” organization. Leading up to the holiday of Shavuot, thousands of students participate in experiential lessons focused on the holiday where we celebrate the receiving of the Torah. 1st-2nd Grade students participate in “story time” about the commandments and 3rd-6th Grade students participate in workshops with games and discussions that connect the commandments to everyday life, classroom behavior and improving their educational atmosphere.

Escape Room – “The Mystery of the Tablets”

Where did the Tablets of the Covenant go? And how can the Ten commandments themselves help us solve the mystery? “The Mystery of the Tablets” is an experiential escape room activity for youth and teens that includes puzzles, tasks and videos on the topic of the Ten Commandments.