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Together we are 10 times

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Aseret Movement,

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The Aseret Movement aims to establish the Ten Commandments as a central element of Israeli national identity and unify Jews everywhere through the core values of the Ten Commandments.

The Ten Commandments are called the Divrei HaBrit (Exodus 34, 28) -The Covenantal Core Values of Israel’s national mission. These are the Values of Light that inform and guide our fulfillment of becoming a Light unto the Nations: Faith and Responsibility, Trust, Commitment, Sanctity, Respect, Life and Love, Loyalty, Freedom, Truth and Justice, and Happiness and Peace.

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We invite you to join us for a wide range  of live programs: Film Screenings, Resilience Workshops, Discussion Circles , Shabbatons and special events throughout the year.  Online you can access our videos, podcasts, courses, and whasapp groups. Together Let’s Learn and Live the Ten Commandments to individually and collectively build a better Israel and a better world!  

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This is where it all starts! What are the transformational big ideas contained in the Ten commandments?

What do they mean for you as an individual? For communities? For Israel? 

Educate, enlighten, and elevate yourself by diving into the rich world of Aseret content. Find the medium that speaks to you.



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עשרת בקמפוס


עשרת בקמפוס


עשרת בקמפוס
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תל אביב

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בית המדרש לסטודנטים

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מכינת לפידות אמונה לבנות במצפה דני


פעילות בבית הספר "כלנית"

קרית גת

פעילות בבית ספר "הרצל"
פעילות בבית ספר "יד יצחק"

נוף הגליל

פעילות בביה"ס גולן

קריית מלאכי

פעילות בביה"ס "אחוות אחים"


פעילות בביה"ס "בן גוריון"


פעילות בביה"ס "אשכול"

Aseret Movement





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The Aseret movement is built through connections between people. Join the community to be part of the conversation.


We believe that everyone makes an impact, and every small action can make a big difference. Donate to be part of the change!


Organizations and associations? We welcome partners and collaboration. Together, we can reach more people, have more influence, and make a more significant difference.


Did you join the Aseret movement? It’s just the beginning! Continuing to learn and applying the relevance and depth of Aseret together is the key to unifying our nation and aligning with our national mission to build a society that will be a Light unto the Nations.



Join the Aseret team of leaders and facilitators to lead resilience workshops, discussion circles and workshops for students. Be and create the change you want to see in the world!


Looking for a meaningful way to contribute to national unity and resilience? Want to meet new people and do good for yourself and others? Join us and be part of the change!